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Month: March 2018

Beware! How to Detect Fraudulent Roofers After a Storm

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Following a disastrous storm, many roofs scams spring up in order to exploit desperate building owners who are looking to get their roofs fixed ASAP. There have been numerous cases of roofing scams that take place, especially after a severe storm.

Storm chasers are organizations that visit areas that have been seriously affected by the weather, complete home repairs (roofs and sliding in general) that are damaged by wind and hail.

They then collect the property owner’s insurance claim checks in payment for their services, get the work done (often poorly) before moving onto their next victim. These roofers usually go door-to-door and may advertise themselves as insurance recovery specialists or experts in insurance restoration.

Tips for Protecting Yourself Against the Likelihood of Contractor Scam

  1. Beware of any door-to-door fliers, contracts, or advertising blitzes for “free” repairs.
  2. Only hire roofers who are insured, qualified, and reputable in the market.
  3. Acquire all information in a written form. These include their phone number, address, and preferably a website. For validity, you can check the information by performing a quick Google search.
  4. Do your research and ask for references.
  5. Never provide full payment before the work has begun. Also, make sure to have a contract stating exactly what the contractor will be accomplishing.

Dealing with a storm damaged roof is never fun but ensuring you choose the best commercial roofing contractor can make the roof repair or replacement process a lot easier. When it comes to hiring a commercial roofer you want someone you can trust and someone who will be there long after the storm has passed. The best outcome would be finding a commercial roofer who you can build a long-term relationship with not just someone who will fix it and forget it.

The Best Commercial Roofing System for Hail Prone Areas

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Hail can bring along a great deal of damage. Hail storms are able to produce hailstones that are about 6 inches in diameter, and they fall ruthlessly from the sky without any sympathy for your roof. The bigger a hailstone, the faster it will fall, and also the more damage it will cause to your commercial roofing system. Flat roofs are typically the most prone to hail damage.

When the hailstones come in contact with your roof, they will blow the topmost layer of granules off of your shingles. If they are falling in conjunction with rain or strong winds, then those broken granules end up in the water gutter whenever the water runs out from your downspout.

If you live in a hail prone area, then that could mean bad news for your commercial roofing system. In such a case, investing in the right roofing system that can withstand the frequent occurrence of hailstorms is the smart thing to do.

What is The Best Commercial Roofing System for Hail Prone Areas?

The metal roofing system is the best option for hail prone areas. When installed correctly, they can last up to more than 50 years, or even longer. The reason being that metal is tremendously durable and weather-resistant. Unlike other roofing materials such as asphalt, metal does not let water seep in no matter how old they get, thereby preventing damage brought along by elements such as wind, storms, and hail.

Benefits of Installing a Metal Roofing System

  • Durable – When you install a metal roofing system, you can expect it to last somewhere within 50 to 60 years, even in the harshest of weather conditions, such as heavy rain and hurricanes. This means that after you install a metal roof you can forget about worrying it for a long period of time. In addition to that, you won’t have to worry about costly repairs and maintenance, making this roofing system ideal for any building owner.
  • Weather-Resistant – Besides being highly durable, metal roofing systems are also extremely weather-resistant. As discussed above, metal doesn’t allow water to get absorbed despite its old age. Moreover, people living in hail prone areas claim that with metal roofing systems, hail and snow easily slip off instead of piling up. Metal also has the capacity to resist strong winds that often come in conjunction with hail storms.
  • Environmentally friendly – If you are an environmentally-conscious person, then you can contribute a great deal to the environment by investing in metal roofing. That’s because the manufacturing of shingles and roofing tiles lead to a ton of waste, the majority of which ends up landfills every year. Plus, since these roofing systems are so durable, they don’t have to be replaced often, thereby minimizing a great deal of waste.

All these reasons make metal commercial roofing systems an excellent option not only for hail prone areas but practically all areas in general.