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Your roof is essential to your operations. It keeps the elements and animals out of your commercial property, allowing you to carry out tasks undisturbed. But when it’s compromised, it can lead to problems for your entire business.

A heavily damaged roof leads to prolonged downtime in your operations, which may result in revenue loss and equipment or inventory damage. By learning how to tell when a commercial roof needs to be replaced, you can identify issues before they worsen.

Signs Your Roof Needs to be Replaced

Commercial roofs are designed and built to be more durable and longer-lasting than residential roofs, but they are not completely invulnerable to damage. Harsh weather conditions and human error can lead to cracks, holes, or other problems that impact its structural integrity.

The following are signs that it’s time to look for commercial roofing companies.


It can be more difficult to look for leaks in commercial buildings because of the ceiling’s height. Rather than observe the underside of the roof when it’s raining, look for secondary signs of leakage. These include moisture on the walls, mold, and mildew. If your building has an attic, visit it occasionally to inspect for moisture damage.


Temperature changes can cause damage to your roof. Blistering occurs when roofing materials expand and constrict because of the heat. Bubbles characterize this type of damage. Aside from looking unattractive, these bubbles let moisture into your roof, which speeds up corrosion. Look for blistering as seasons change or when there are drastic changes to your area’s temperature.

Membrane Damage

Your roof’s membrane acts as a laminate, protecting the surface area by channeling water toward drains and gutters. Hailstorms, flying debris, and even time can damage the membrane. When blisters and cracks are left unaddressed, water can enter and result in leaks and other kinds of damage. Take the time to inspect your roof for any signs of membrane damage.

Shingle Damage

If your roof uses shingles, you are at risk of the same damage as residential roofs. Look for the following signs to determine your roof’s condition:

  • Loose, lifted, or misplaced shingles – Any shingles that are not flat against your roof present openings for water and other debris.
  • Discolored shingles – Shingles are treated with a solution that makes them water and weather-resistant. The discoloration is an indication that this finish has been worn away.
  • Worn edges and openings – Vents, pipes, and other objects that penetrate the roof are at high risk of damage. If the edges and openings have deteriorated, it’s a sign that the shingles have been loosened.
  • Cracked, curled, or split shingles – When your shingles are visibly broken, they allow water, air, and debris into the roof. This accelerates the deterioration and can lead to other problems that will affect your property’s interiors.

WaterTight Roofing: Your Commercial Roof Replacement Expert

Ensure smooth operations by replacing your roof. If you notice any of these signs during your regular maintenance, then you might be facing serious problems. WaterTight Roofing specializes in commercial roofing solutions.

Contact us to find out more about our roof replacement services.

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