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Hail damage can be a significant problem for commercial businesses.

To top that off, the claims are often hard to prove for a variety of reasons, including no visible marks or being in a region where hailstorms and extreme weather are common.

The problem is that weathering or natural defects can leave similar marks, so identifying what’s what often requires the intervention of a professional.

Do You Have the Right Insurance?

Before starting the inspection, you should always check what kind of insurance policy you have on the property. Unfortunately, not all policies cover damages from hail storms. If your property is not covered for that type of damage, the chances for a successful claim are diminished. Not having the right documents is a common mistake as well, and claims are automatically rejected in those cases, even though they would have been valid.

It’s Important to Act Early

If your house is covered for hail damage, it is important to assess the roof’s condition after a hail storm as soon as possible. When the coverage is fairly new, insurance companies often claim that the damage was done previously and therefore not relevant to the case, but with the help of an expert these claims can be disproven. Otherwise, the sooner the claim is reported, the higher its chances of being accepted will be.

Since hail damage is not always obvious on the roof – though that doesn’t mean that the damage cannot be significant -, you should also check the surrounding trees and even cars, where any denting would be more obvious. Window and door screens, as well as A/C units, should be inspected as well. Provided that you have the right kind of insurance that covers hail damage, following these steps should result in a successful claim more often than not.

Quick Notice

Hail damage claims – like any other property insurance claims – require a quick notice on the insured’s part. Assessing the nature and level of the damage is both crucial and sometimes requires the help of a professional. Expert eyes can see damage that isn’t or is barely visible to the untrained eye. A disagreement regarding the nature of the damage between the insurance company and the insured is fairly common, and in those cases, it often comes down to the contractor to make a difference.

By providing relevant information, they can help validate the insured’s claim. It’s important to hire a licensed contractor for a variety of reasons, one of which is to be able to provide a credible argument in insurance disputes like hail damage claims. A company that isn’t properly licensed will not be viewed as a credible source during the insurance process.

Policy Holders Often Pay In Advance

Upon successful claims, the policyholders often pay the deductible to the contractor in advance, and when the claim gets approved the insurance company pays the money either directly to the contractor or to the policyholder who then pays the contractor.

A successful hail damage claim starts with being covered for it. The next step is to provide the necessary documents, exercise a prompt notice toward the insurance company, and be supported by the facts, and a contractor’s expertise in case of a dispute. Those who can cover all of their bases can be fairly optimistic about the chances of a successful claim.

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