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Commercial Roof Systems

Metal Roof Replacement

Metal roofs can take a beating over time and need to be replaced. Wind damage, hail damage, and excessive temperature changes can cause cracks that leak, rust, or create an environment for mold growth. Let a WaterTight Roofing expert replace your metal roof panels with high-quality materials and outstanding professionalism.


Commercial Roof Restoration

The last thing a facility manager wants to hear is that the entire roof needs to be replaced. If it’s not necessary, WaterTight won’t do it. Instead, we’ll restore your existing roof by applying an energy-efficient elastomeric coating for high-quality results. With millions of square feet of roofing experience, our team knows the vital attention to detail required to ensure these coatings perform optimally to extend your roof life.


Single-Ply Membrane – TPO, PVC, Duro-Last

Commercial roofs do more than provide shelter; they protect a business owner’s investment. The energy efficiency of single-ply membranes provide additional savings for a longer amount of time. PVC and TPO roofing is reliable, cost effective, and energy efficient. Thanks to our relationships with Verisco, Firestone, GAF, and Duro-Last, you can rest assured our proficiency in these roofing systems will be customized for your building’s specific needs.


Flat Roofs, White Roofs, and Built-Up Roofs

We have experience with all commercial roofing systems, including built-up, modified bitumen, and tar and gravel roofs. Sometimes replacing an old tar and gravel roof with a single-ply membrane or upgrading it to an ultra-white modified bitumen roof provides energy-efficiency benefits for your building. We have experience with the complexities of these systems, and depending on the specifics of your roof, our professionals will provide information on the best option for your business. Ask a WaterTight roofing expert for more details.


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Why Choose WaterTight?

“WaterTight Roofing takes pride in their work and it shows. My building looks new again! In addition to a TPO roof, they replaced walls, trim, gutters, and ridge vents.”

John Melcher

“WaterTight came out to inspect our roofs, and we ended up filing a claim with our insurance company. They immediately fixed the leak, and we haven’t had any problems since! WaterTight Roofing stands behind their work.”

Fort Worth TX, Thermoplastics
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