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Why Self Storage Owners Wait to Replace Their Metal Roofs and Shouldn’t

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When it comes to operating a business, no one likes to find opportunities for additional overhead costs. However, that doesn’t mean avoiding essential repairs is a smart choice. In fact, putting off a major repair, such as one to a roof, could lead to further expenses and major stress on your business. This is especially true if the roof is there to protect the belongings of your customers, as is the case with self-storage facilities. There are a lot of reasons why people try to wait as long as they can before replacing their roof. After all, who wants to pour a lot of money into a project that doesn’t need to be done? It makes the most sense to wait until the roof gets to the point of no return before making any changes, right? Wrong! Once a roof is compromised it isn’t safe, and this means that it could cave at any moment, putting everyone and anything that sits beneath it in danger.

A roof isn’t the easiest thing to replace, so when it is time to make the replacement, it is worth the time and energy to do it correctly. Metal roofs are more durable and resilient than their alternatives. By choosing to use a metal roof rather than a chain-link or any other material you can save on lifecycle costs. A Ducker Research firm found that metal roofs cost between 20 and 45 percent less than chain link and single-ply roofs, respectively.

Metal roofs also reduce overhead costs by cutting down energy expenses by conserving energy expenditure and reducing air conditioning expenses. Reducing the burden on air conditioning costs is a huge bonus for self-storage facilities. Most units will not be accessed daily by the individuals renting them, but your customers will still expect for the environment where they are storing their belongings to be kept cool enough for their belongings to not be subject to damage. An energy efficient roof makes it possible to keep the storage facility a reasonable temperature at minimal cost.

When the roof is damaged, air leaks can make managing energy expenditure within the unit nearly impossible—especially in terms of budget. Worn sealants and small cracks will cause from outside to leak into the building, and will let any controlled air that you are pumping into the facility out into the world.

Yet, if there is a small leak or worn sealant in your roof, then leaking air might not be the most of your troubles. Water damage can mean a lot of lost money for self-storage units, especially when it means any serious damage to the belongings of the customer who is renting that unit.

It makes sense why so many storage unit facility owners would want to put off replacing their roof, but this just isn’t a smart decision. Sure, there are costs that come with replacing the roof on a building, but in this case there are going to be more costs that will come with putting it off. The smart thing to do is to take action early and to make the smart choice the first time.

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