The climate and environment found on the roof of your commercial building is the most hostile environment in your entire building. It’s directly affected by the same elements that affect Texas on a daily basis. Savage heat, gusting winds, hail and rain all contribute to the difficulties in properly maintaining a commercial roof.

One of the most detrimental things that can happen to your commercial roof is ponding water. When water pools or ponds on your roof, it has the ability to break down the roof coatings, damage the membrane seams, and damage unprotected roofing felts among other things. Essentially, ponding water can wreak havoc on your commercial building’s roof.

Why Water Ponds on Your Commercial Roof

Basically, water ponds on your commercial building’s flat roof because of poor drainage. When flat roofs are properly installed, their installers account for the need to drain water that can pool in different areas and cause all kinds of problems. Sometimes, even when roofs do have proper drainage, water can pool in areas that have been damaged from previous weather events such as hail and wind storms.

The Damage Done By Ponding Water

When water sits in one place on your roof, it has the ability to do damage to the roofing materials underneath it. Here are some examples of the damage that can be done by ponding water on your commercial roof:

  • The Breaking Down of Roof Coatings: As water sits on your roof, it’s in direct contact with the roof coatings. Over time, the water itself can affect the stability of these coatings. As this water heats up in the sun, its effects on your commercial roof coatings can be even more detrimental.
  • Damage to Membrane Seams: Pooling water has the ability to slowly deteriorate and work its way through seams in your roof’s membrane. Over time, as water continually pools and heats up in the same area, that area can be negatively affected and become vulnerable to leaking.
  • Dirt & Debris: Wherever water pools on your roof, dirt and debris will also appear. Dirt and debris gets caught in pools of water and begins to rot. Algae and other growths can also begin to form in these areas which can directly impact the strength of your roofing materials and its coatings.

Overall, ponding leads to the accelerated deterioration and erosion of your roofing materials, which ultimately results in water penetrating through your roof. When water penetrates your roofing materials, it can affect the insulation and effectiveness of those materials in terms of energy efficiency.

When you notice water pooling on your commercial roof, the best course of action is to contact a reputable and experienced commercial roofing contractor like WaterTight Roofing. For more information about pooling water and how it can affect your commercial roofing system contact WaterTight Roofing today: 888-809-9976.

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