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Common Causes of Roof Leaks in Commercial Buildings

Roof leaks can result in significant damage to a building if the fundamental cause is left unattended. Since water is capable of traveling outward from the spot where a leak takes place, it might be difficult to put a finger on the actual cause. Check your commercial roof for the following most common causes of leaks to stop…
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Busting the Biggest Metal Roof Replacement Myth

There are several reasons why metal roofing is the best option for commercial buildings. Metal roofs can last for up to a century, are extremely eco-friendly and don’t get as hot as asphalt roofing. What is more, metal roofing is affordable, can reduce summer energy costs by up to 40% and reduces winter costs by…
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What You Can Expect When Working with WaterTight Roofing

When a commercial building goes up, it needs a roof, and when you have a building with a  roof, you need to ensure that it is well maintained. When the natural world goes crazy, your roof often takes the brunt of the damage, and you need to repair it if you want your building to…
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Will Insurance Replace My Hail Damaged Commercial Roof?

Hail damage can be a significant problem for commercial businesses. To top that off, the claims are often hard to prove for a variety of reasons, including no visible marks or being in a region where hailstorms and extreme weather is common. The problem is that weathering or natural defects can leave similar marks, so…
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Common Signs of Hail Damage on a Commercial Roof

Hailstorms are naturally occurring phenomena that any commercial business owner should be prepared for. Mother Nature can do considerable damage and with hailstones exceeding half an inch on occasions, the costs can climb very quickly. The Identification Can Be Tricky Because of a variety of reasons, sometimes it can be hard for a commercial business owner to…
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Large building with commercial roofing in fort worth

TPO Roof Maintenance Basics for Facility Managers

When you operate a facility, whether it is a self-storage facility or other commercial enterprise, you need to ensure that your building is both durable and impenetrable. If the weather can get inside your building, it will ruin the contents, perhaps slowly, but inevitably. Because your roof endures the most exposure to the world, it…
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