Commercial Roofing Trends in Texas

Commercial roofing trends are changing in 2022. As a business owner, you’ll want to look out for them as they will let you have a cooler building, lower your utility bills, minimize your environmental impact, and increase your property’s curb appeal.

Look out for the commercial roofing trends listed below, and consider getting them for your property in the coming year.

Environmentally Friendly Commercial Roofing

As corporations start to face more pressure from environmentalists to reduce their carbon emissions, the demand for sustainable workspaces is growing. It’s no wonder then that sustainable roofing options are becoming a trend. They minimize your impact on the environment and increase your building’s energy efficiency.

Solar Panels

Solar panels absorb sunlight to create electrical charges. These produce no emissions, and the energy they generate will lower your bills.

Solar shingles also harness sunlight like solar panels but are as durable and flexible as regular asphalt shingles. They have their pros and cons compared to solar panels, such as being more durable but less efficient.

Green Roofs

Green roof systems are extensions installed on top of existing roofs that allow for plants to grow on them. They provide a number of benefits to their owners and those around them. These include pleasing aesthetics, minimized urban heat island effect, improved air quality, energy efficiency, and noise reduction.

Cool Roofs

Cool roofs are designed to reflect heat from the sun back into the atmosphere. Various materials are used to make cool roofs, such as modified bitumen and polyurethane foam coating. Built-up roofing systems use multiple layers of different materials that, put together, prevent heat from entering buildings.

At WaterTight, we use elastomeric coatings to increase reflective qualities and reduce heat. On a mid-eighties sunny day, your roof’s temperature can reach 140 degrees, but with an elastomeric coating, the surface temperature can drop to 85 degrees! Elastomeric coatings and other cool roofs translate to cooler temperatures inside your building, which means lower energy costs!

Cool roofs are more advantageous for businesses located in hotter climates as they keep your building cooler and energy costs low. However, in cooler climates, they may cause energy bills to increase if the added heating costs outweigh the cooling savings.

Synthetic Roofs

Synthetic roof shingles are made of recycled rubbers and plastics. They’re resistant to fading, lightweight, low-cost, and durable enough to withstand extreme weather. Additionally, they can be recycled again once they need to be replaced.

Architectural Commercial Roofing

Two kinds of architectural roofing options, metal roofs, and flat roofs, are expected to increase in popularity in 2022. They provide businesses with increased durability, energy efficiency, and curb appeal, helping them keep their buildings safe and comfortable while also improving impressions on customers.

Flat Roofs

Flat roofs are roofs with a very low slope. They’re very popular for commercial buildings as they’re easy and quick to install, are cost-effective, and go well with modern aesthetics. It’s also possible to install HVAC units, solar panels, and green roofs on them.

Metal Roofs

Metal roofing may be the best option for commercial buildings for long-term savings. They’re energy-efficient, lightweight, attractive, and so durable they’ll last your whole life with proper maintenance.

Install Metal Roofing on Your Commercial Building

WaterTight Roofing uses superior-quality materials for metal roof installation and replacements. We’ll keep your commercial building safe from extreme weather and lower your utility costs with durable, energy-efficient metal roofing.

Discuss your metal roofing installation or replacement with us by calling us at 888-809-9976 or filling out our contact form.

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